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Monica Lewinsky reclaims public attention thanks to PBS ‘Clinton’ film

As news of the television special spread last week, Yahoo! searches on “Monica Lewinsky” spiked. Search terms also included “bill and monica,” “monica Lewinsky now,” and “Monica Lewinsky photos.”

As many readers will remember, when word of the scandal began to surface, Clinton denied his involvement with this line: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” Later, of course, he  confessed that he did.

The scandal — involving a blue dress, a cigar, and some very uncomfortable congressional hearings — led to the president’s impeachment and a major media focus on Lewinsky, who was just 23 and a recent college grad at the time.

Where is she now? Fourteen years later, Lewinsky’s hardly in hiding. In fact, she’s been quite busy: In 2005, she moved to London and received her master’s degree in psychology. Later, she re-located to New York, is frequently spotted out on the town, and has her own handbag business, The Real Monica Inc. Word is, she’s still single.


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