More Convictions for Motorists

Officers have been attempting to enforce a more disciplined approach to the use of the road by motorists and have in recent weeks taken legal actions against those found to be in breach of various regulations.

Amongst those who were convicted at the District “A” Magistrate Court was Joseph Leader of Dieppe Bay who was convicted for the offence of Driving Off the prescribed Bus Route on 3rd April 2012. Leader was also found guilty of using a cell phone while driving on 17th May 2012. 

He was fined $200.00 which is to be paid in two (2) weeks or in default will serve fourteen (14) days imprisonment, for Driving Off Bus Route. However for Using a Cell Phone While Driving, he was fined $350.00 which is to be paid in one (1) week or in default will serve seven (7) days in prison.

Police were also successful in their prosecution of Sankofa Maccabee of Dieppe Bay for the offences of Driving an Unlicensed Vehicle, Resisting Arrest, Giving False Name and Failing to Produce a Drivers’ License. These were said to have occurred on 3rd May 2012.

He was fined $400.00 which is to be paid in two (2) months or in default he will serve fourteen (14) days imprisonment for Driving an Unlicensed Vehicle. He was fined $800.00 which is to be paid in four (4) months or in default will serve one (1) month imprisonment for Resisting Arrest.

He was however only cautioned for failing to produce a driver’s license and giving a false name.

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