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Moves on to find new president for CFBC

The new president will be tasked with the day-to-day administration, management, leadership and oversight over the operations. That individual is also expected to set the vision, direction, and priorities of the institution, and ensure that all are reflective of the College’s mission of addressing the educational needs of the Federation, among other things.

Interested applicants must possess a PhD, and should be a motivated leader who has a record of sound fiscal management. It would be ideal if he or she has an understanding of and commitment to the comprehensive educational needs of St Kitts-Nevis, including the advancement of award-granting programs that reflect local and regional needs.

With regard the non-renewal of the former CFBC president Dr Kelvin Daley, Deputy Prime Minister Shawn Richards, minister with responsibility for education, said the college’s finances were in disarray under the watch of Daley, including large unaccounted sums of money and large outstanding bills.

However, Daley refuted the Minister’s claims about missing monies as ludicrous and indicated that bills had been in arrears long before he took office. Daley stated, “They’re making it sound as if I created all of these in the time I was there… It is very unfortunate and very misleading, because it’s not true.”

Daley told that the CFBC Board has not provided a reason for his termination.

He said, I never received communications from the Board indicating that because of ‘x’ and because of ‘y’, it is why the Board is taking certain actions.”

It is Dr. Daley’s firm belief that the non-renewal of his contract was politically motivated.

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