Mt. Carmel Baptist Church thanks Development Bank

Camp Ezekiel’s Secretary Ms Esmie Clarke, on behalf of the church, presented a certificate and crystal as a mark of appreciation to the Development Bank for sponsoring Camp Ezekiel’s 2013 edition. They were received by Business Support Officer, Mrs Vernitha Maynard, on behalf of the General Manager Mr Lenworth Harris.

“On behalf of Mt. Carmel Camp Ezekiel we would like to present this little token of our appreciation for your generous contribution again to Camp Ezekiel which made it a success,” said Ms Clarke. “From us at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church and Camp Ezekiel, I say thank you to the staff and members of the Development Bank.”

According to Ms Clarke, the 2013 camp was quite successful, with 85 children taking part. She also pointed out that they observed marked improvement in the children’s behaviour as the older boys assisted with the cleaning of the church yard, while the older girls assisted in the cleaning of the kitchen and taking care of the younger children.

“While we had initially indicated that the children would go for a hike, we changed that at the last minute and instead took them to Nevis,” observed Ms Clarke. “I would like to say thanks to those parents who took the time out and sent their children to Camp Ezekiel. Without the support of the parents, the camp would not have taken place.”

In accepting the tokens from Mt. Carmel Camp Ezekiel, Mrs Maynard noted that the Development Bank believed there was merit in giving today’s children the best out-of-class education and attention, as it is they who will be the country’s future leaders.

“We at the Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis fully endorse the efforts made by Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in bringing up responsible young persons, because whatever they learn from Camp Ezekiel they will end up practising it in their later lives and this will help make the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis a better country.”

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