Multi-Million Dollar Employment Boosting Plan Unveiled in Barbados

The Nation newspaper reported that the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labour will be the driving forces behind the 2011-2016 Human Resources Development (HRD) Strategy that will involve both the public and private sectors in a multidimensional approach.


Moreover, to ensure that the plan has teeth and does not only remain on paper, it will require a commitment from all government ministries, and departments in the form of a signed memorandum of understanding, the Human Resource Development Strategy 2011-2016 document outlined.



It will also require changes in legislation pertaining to the Information Act and the Intellectual Property Act.



Most of the funding for the ambitious plan is being footed by government, with assistance from the European Union, the European Development Fund, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and private entities.



(Parts of this article were written with submissions from a Caribbeannewsnow release)

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