Multifaceted Action Plan for Stray Animals for 2011- an upgraded plan from 2005?

In December 2005, then Minister with responsible for Agriculture, Cedric Liburd made recommendations for the reactivation of the public animal pounds, locations of the pounds, animal pound fees, operation costs and security.

It was also revealed by the then Minister that there would also be the revision of legislation pertaining to animal pounds.

In 2006 the first two public animal pounds was opened to the public, but there were still a large number of stray animals patrolling the island main roads.

Nearly five years later, responding to a question on the matter, Dr Harris echoed some of the same sentiments as Liburd did in 2005, saying, “the problem called for a multifaceted action plan involving; ongoing education of farmers on responsible ownership and management of livestock, the establishment of well functioning animal pound, updated legislation to allow for the easier disposal of animals which were impounded and not claimed within a short period of time as well as proper fencing and management of farms.”

According to the Minister, “roaming animals were a clear and present threat to life and property, environmental aesthetics and the spread of trans-boundary diseases.”

It this situation is not dealt with according to the recommendations made by the Agriculture Minister, “legislation would be forthcoming early in the Year, while a new public pound would be set up,” Dr. Harris revealed.

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