Murder #1 for 2014

Just a few months ago, Commissioner of the Royal St. Kitts and Nevis Police Force, CG Walwyn, used a Facebook post to express his satisfaction that for the past two months (at that time) no murders were recorded in the country and he hoped that that trend would continue.
Unfortunately his wishes have not materialized and 9 days after the birth of 2014, another man has lost his life through violent means and the current gun culture.
It has now been confirmed that killed was Valentine Gaskin, who was a resident of Upper Cayon, in St. Kitts. Gaskin, who is also known by friends as “Wally” was reportedly killed at Upper Cayon, sometime just after 8:00pm not too far from the rectory of the St. Mary’s Church.
Last year, (2013) there were two murders within the first two days of that year and by year-end the country had seen a slight increase in the number of murders when 21 persons were killed, compared to 18 in 2012.
Overall however, there was a 15.3% drop in crime reported for 2013.

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