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Murder in Gingerland Nevis

According to early reports, the victim, Rudolph Browne, known by friends as “Rudy” was shot dead while on his job in the south eastern town of Gingerland, Nevis. The incident is believed to have occurred around 10:35am, while Rudy, a construction worker, was in the vicinity of co- workers.

According to a police report on Saturday afternoon, their officers in Gingerland are investigating the circumstances under which the man of Rawlins Plantation came to his death.

They said that at about 10:35 am on Saturday, officers of the Gingerland Police Station responded to a report that a young man was found dead at Monkey Rock, Gingerland.

The Medical Examiner at the scene disclosed that preliminary investigation indicates that a firearm may have contributed to the death of the decedent. Investigations into this matter are on-going and an autopsy will determine the exact cause of death, said the police statement.

Some sources have disclosed that he was a previous shooting victim about 2-3 years ago. He is believed to be 36 years old.                                                                  

Police have requested that anyone with information pertaining to this matter should call CRIME STOPPERS at 1 800 8477. However when you call Crime Stoppers, you do not have to your name or number, and you may be eligible for a reward.

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