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Murder Suspects Caught in less than 24 Hours

Robinson who was 29 was reportedly killed, just after 9:00pm on Friday, (17th February, 2012). He is said to have been on a personal shopping errand in a local shop in the Haynes Smith Village area.

According to police, in a press statement, those charged are Vance Thomas (19) and Sylvester ‘Syl’ Crossley of Fort Thomas Road, Basseterre.

The victim in Friday’s killing is said to have been shot many times, including in the head and at various other parts of the body.

Head of the Federal Police Force, CG Walwyn acknowledged the hard work of the investigating officers assigned to the case, but he also paid tribute to the general public for its support, “as without such support that you have given to us in our philosophy to regain the street of the Federation our success would not become a reality.”

In the statement, the police tried to assure the public that as they continue to be united in the success of recent arrests for various incidents, they urge the public to remain cognisant of the personal safety and security tips previously published in the media as they look forward to the continued support in other matters under investigation within the Federation at this time.

The statement also quoted the Head of the Criminal Investigation Department, Inspector Charles Smithen, as saying that in his quest to maintain the confidence of the general public, the CID was able to ensure that such charges were preferred within 20 hours of this tragic killing.

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