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NAMING NAMES: Pilar Sanders ACCUSES Deion Of CHEATING With Tracey Edmonds!

Down in Texas, Pilar Sanders has filed a motion demanding sanctions against Deion for tampering with witnesses.  So….what does she think Deion did? She believes Deion was a cheating man so she wants to call his “mistresses” into the proceedings to get the dirty deets. Sounds like Pilar should star in the new version of “Dallas” hitting TNT soon.

But the only problem is, now she thinks Deion is paying the chicks to be quiet.  One chick named in the case is 20-year-old model Aleea Stanton.

But it gets better……

As Pilar asks the court for sanctions against Deion for intentional destruction of evidence and corruption, one of the alleged mistresses she wants on the stand is Tracey Edmonds!

But Tracey was shocked that her name came up.  She told TMZ,

“I am shocked to learn that Pilar Sanders is trying to drag me and my employees through her pre-nuptual dispute. I cannot understand why she continues to create public issues out of her private life issues and feel very sorry for their children.”

Well damn.

Tracey added, “For the record, Deion Sanders and I first met at the top of this year, after he filed for divorce, when he and his partner reached out to me to produce a project of his.”

This is just getting ridic….


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