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National Bank Introduces New Credit Card

The credit card, which is branded NB Black Card, features a 6-month introductory interest rate of 9.5% per annum, and is available to individuals and businesses.

In addition to the exceptionally low introductory interest rate, the personal VISA credit card is complemented by an attractive rewards programme, said one official. The said card users will receive points based on the usage of the card which they may subsequently redeem for goods and services.

“Accumulated Visa Rewards Points can be redeemed for airline tickets, lodging at exclusive hotels and resorts plus on vehicle rentals”, said Bernice Grant-Kelly, Assistant Managing Director, Bank Card Division. Mrs. Kelly also noted that this awards programme allows the cardholder to select flights from several airlines.

Other card solutions offered by NATIONAL are the MasterCard Gift Card, the MasterCard Prepaid Card and the VISA Debit Card.

National Bank recently celebrated its 40th year of existence and though is a private company with hundreds of shareholders, the country’s government, remains the largest and controlling entity.

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