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National Health Scheme to be Implemented

While on a public forum on Tuesday this week, the Health Minister stated that there are many people who are not covered by health insurance and said when that occurs, it is the government who take responsibility for the cost of that person’s medical care.

Liburd then encouraged individuals to get more coverage in terms of insurance as it is unsustainable for government to continue with the current system.

She said that when someone goes to the hospital, thousands of dollars may be spent on nursing that individual and it will not be reimbursed.

Liburd then revealed plans for a national health scheme which she said will be more equitable and provide protection for those more vulnerable whenever they come down with chronic diseases.

“We are hoping very soon to roll out something to the public, so that we can have a public discussion on this,” Liburd said.

She added that chronic diseases account for 70% of deaths in St.  Kitts and Nevis and pointed out that the ministry is doing all it can to reduce the death rate in those areas.


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