National security remains a major problem says Condor

The often outspoken deputy leader for the People’s Labour Party stated that national security has been one of the issues plaguing St. Kitts and Nevis for several years, and he was of the opinion that it needs to be addressed in a collective manner.

“It is a major issue plaguing this country, and it is about time that we address this issue collectively… We cannot build a country. We cannot promote a country. This country cannot prosper and develop if we do not have stability, peace and good security,” Condor explained.

He told the electorate in constituency #8 that a country cannot be built or promoted without proper security.

“In fact, in 1995 when the Labour Government came into office, we recognized the challenges of national security, and we came to office pledging that national security would be our number one business, our number one business on the agenda. Because we recognized then, even then, that national security was important,” he disclosed.

Condor emphasized that “we are still not grappling” with national security issues, lamenting that “we still do not have the issue of national security under control”.

“I want to say to you that that is a major issue. We want to make sure that going forward that this issue gains our full attention. Team Unity will address that issue head on,” Condor declared.

Moreover, he pointed out that one of the plans for the crime situation involved attention to and improvement of the level of moral in the Police Force. Condor expressed his belief that crime cannot be fought successfully without having a highly motivated Police Force.

“That is one of the major policy decisions that we are going to make going forward in terms of national security,” he said.

Another policy he indicated that the tri-party alliance plans to implement if elected would be to remove guns from the street, he strongly believe that more could be done to remove illegal weapons from the streets.

 “We know that we could address the issue of personal security by addressing those issues,” Condor posited.

The long-time politician believes that having the mobile command center placed in hot spot areas would help to deter criminals from carrying attacks on innocent persons.

Taking a swipe at the commissioner of police, Condor said that the Celvin G Walwyn believes that “he is a Cinema star or a rock star”, or someone who is working in Hollywood“.

“So, he is not giving full attention to Disney World or the Disney Cop, Not giving the kind of attention, and I really feel let down, because we recruited him thinking that he would have brought something to the Police Force and to crime fighting in this country, but he has let us down,” noted Condor.

Based on the team and the experience they have, Condor said they will address the issue of national security if elected to government.


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