NEMA corrects media reports of receipt about containers of food

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) wishes to inform the general public that the information released by a few media houses which reads, NEMA receives two 40 foot containers of food from the Simply Help Foundation is false and misleading.

The agency has received two forty (40) foot containers of relief supplies to aid in the fight against COVID-19 and in the preparation for the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

The relief supplies, valued at over three hundred and fifty thousand United States dollars ($350,000 U.S.), was generously donated by Ms. Tina Bow of the Simply Help Foundation.

Ms. Tina Bow is the founder and Executive Director of the Simply Help Foundation, a non-profit organisation based in Los Angeles, California, dedicated to relieving poverty by providing emergency disaster relief supplies amongst other services for the homeless and the elderly.

Schools, medical institutions and other vulnerable groups will be given priority to access these relief supplies.  

NEMA is working closely with the Department of Social Services in the distribution process.

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