Nene Leakes And Gregg Bump Heads Over A Prenup

This past weekend, she stepped out with a huge smile in Beverly Hills as she caught dinner with her girls at Mr. Chow.  This could have very well been a celebration dinner since Nene just inked a deal with Bravo to air her wedding spin-off special, I Dream Of Nene-The Wedding Special, this Fall.   The new show will follow Nene as she plans her second wedding to her husband Gregg, who she divorced in 2011. Already RHOA stars like Marlo Hampton and Cynthia Bailey as well as Basketball Wives Laura Govan and Jennifer Williams have been snagged as bridesmaids.

Now, the most interesting tea that has come out of all of this is that NeNe and Gregg’s divorce was just an elaborate scam to protect NeNe’s money from Gregg’s creditors. [If this is true, who blames her??]  Word is the couple never stopped seeing each other but divorced only because Gregg is under some major debt pressure, including $100,000 in back taxes to the IRS, and NeNe was fair game to creditors since they were married. Apparently, when they got divorced NeNe was able to protect her assets and keep her checks – including $1 million a year from RHOA.

The tables have definitely turned in their relationship and now that NeNe is the breadwinner, she is making sure her money is on lock and may even make Gregg sign a prenup before they walk down the aisle again. She’s worth about $4.5 million and now that she’s “very rich,” she’s not risking losing it all.

NeNe loves Gregg and hopes their marriage will last this time, but if it doesn’t work out she wants him to walk away only with what he’s bringing into it. She says she earned what she’s got by her­self, and is demanding Gregg sign a prenup or there won’t be a wedding.

He feels he has always supported NeNe. Their divorce was not about spending too much or stealing from her, so he doesn’t think he needs a piece of paper to show he won’t take advantage. NeNe has written a memoir called Never Make the Same Mistakes Twice, and she says she’s determined to live by that today. The prenup is not up for discussion. If Gregg doesn’t sign on the dotted line, NeNe won’t be saying ‘I do.’

You gotta protect them assets!

Do you agree with Nene requesting Gregg to sign a prenup?

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