Nevis Cricket Association Reminds of Code of Conduct in Light of Tonito, Runako Situation

Trinidad and Tobago batsman, Runako Morton and Tonito Willett, Leeward Islands all-rounder, were in Trinidad travelling aboard a motor vehicle in which, when stopped by police, a plastic bag containing 500 grams of marijuana was found.

At the time of the event, the men were involved in the West Indies Cricket Board Regional Four Day Tournament Round Five match which was played in Port-of-Spain at the Queen’s Park Oval.

They, according to reports, were granted bail in the sum of TT$100,000 and were scheduled to appear before the court some days ago.

President of the Nevis Cricket Association, Ronald Powell, during an exclusive interview with, explained that the Nevis Cricket Association has a Code of Conduct (established in 2009) and a Memorandum which speaks to drug use and testing (established in 2010) which spell out disciplinary actions which can be taken if cricketers are found to be in violation of the code.

We have in place a code of conduct which speaks to matters of discipline and in that code of conduct, it also speaks to the use and possession of drugs and there are penalties which apply to these matters if players are caught. Additionally, we have a memorandum which speaks to drug use and drug testing…We are sort of protecting ourselves in the event that these things happen and it falls directly on us, then we know exactly how to deal with them.

He further indicated, however, that action spelt out by the code would not be applicable here as Willett – who lives in Nevis – along with Morton were at the time the alleged offence was committed, was under the umbrella of the Leeward Islands Cricket Association and the West Indies Cricket Board.

“Basically, because that is out of our hands up to this point, we cannot make the necessary application from the code of conduct which we have given to the players and the memorandum which speaks to drug use and testing. So we cannot make the application now because the matter is out of our hands.”

“Because they were under the umbrella of the Leeward Islands Cricket Association and the West Indies Cricket Board, they would have to now, deal with that matter because they were not representing Nevis or playing in a local tournament here in Nevis. That matter is out of our hands up to a certain point. If we are being directed to deal with it from the upper management board, then we will have to but as it is now, it’s their responsibility and they will make the proper application as they see fit,” Powell said.

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