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Nevis’ Deputy Premier Commends Single women for being Home Owners


Daniel who is also the Minister for Gender affairs further noted, he is pleased with the fact that single women and a large majority of youth were home owners at Cherry Garden.

“I want you to look at the amount of single women who have been able to obtain a house and the last count with Mr. Nesbit tells me 68 of 107 completed homes are owned by single women. Also within the context of providing for the young people have been provided for them and so young people, if you work hard you can achieve your aspirations and you can also achieve a home just as your friends here at Cherry Gardens,” said the Minister.

“We have provided for single women and for young people and we have now in this community something in the region of over 200 children, they too have been provided with houses,” Daniel added.

He commended the Nevis Housing and Land Development Corporation (NHLDC) for providing houses at reduced rates.  He encouraged residents to realize the NHLDC through the Nevis Administration sort to benefit the entire Nevisian community.

The Cherry Garden housing scheme which was officially made available to home owners on 14th January, 2011, consists of both low-income and middle-income homes, which range from two-bedroom/1-bathroom residences (650 sq. feet) at EC $128,000, to three-bedroom/two-bathroom abodes (1300 sq. feet) at EC $275,000. It has been reported that approximately 50 different local contractors worked on the project, along with local plumbers, electricians, and cabinet makers.


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