Nevis – Erica Doras

Erica truly believes in the life changing power of education. As a fifth form student of the Gingerland Secondary School, Erica loves all of her subjects but she holds a fondness in her heart for the English subject. ‘To educate is to liberate’, Erica therefore encourages all our youths to acquire a good education since only by doing this can they free/liberate themselves from destructive tendencies. 

In her moments of solitude she enjoys listening to music, cooking and cosmetology. Erica had a life changing experience when she entered and won the first ever Miss Teen Hospitality Pageant in February of 2011. She made new friends, displayed her talent and creativity, and as the winner she became a Tourism Ambassador for her lovely island Nevis. 

Erica is a humanitarian at heart who sympathizes and empathizes with those in need. Her love and concern for humanity has invoked in her the desire to make social work her career. She feels strongly about improving society by caring for those who are unable to help themselves. By her efforts and commitment she hopes to make the world a better place by changing lives one person at a time. She is confident that all of her dreams will be realized since on a daily basis she employs the motto: “if you put your mind to it you can a achieve it”.


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