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Nevis Island Assembly Dissolved But No Date for Elections

The address to residents of St. Kitts and Nevis was aired on Nevis Television (Channel 8,), ZIZ Radio and Television, Choice Community Radio (105.3FM), VON Radio (895AM) and Freedom FM (106.5 FM), at 6:00pm.

Parry sought to outline the reasons why his 16 month administration should be re-elected while at the same time tried to dig holes into the record of the previous Concerned Citizens Administration of former Premier, Vance Amory, charging that CCM failed to deliver on its promises to the people during their 15 year rule that ended in 2006, when Parry got his first term.

The Premier who is also leader of the ruling Nevis Reformation Party, NRP, repeated his theme that all the people of Nevis should be given the opportunity to determine who forms the next government.

The address came at a period when time was fast running out on Parry to call a by-election, stemming from an earlier Court of Appeal decision that declared the seat of the former Deputy Premier, Hensley Daniel, vacant, requiring that a by-election be held within 90 days. The deadline for this poll runs out later this month.

However, though the opposition Concerned citizens Movement, CCM, has been calling for the premier to stick to the requirement for only a by-election, Parry has made it clear that he would instead take the option of an island-wide poll.

The Premier said because the balance of power is held in the outcome of that one seat if a by-election is called, he preferred all five seats to be up for election, so that all Nevisians could have a say in who forms the next government.

He made it clear though, that while the Assembly is now dissolved he has not yet advised the Governor General of a date on which the election will take place.

This is a move that some had predicted because it gives Parry and his Administration more time to remain in office to plan a possible approach to be successful, whenever the poll takes place.



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