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Nevis Man Arrested on Firearm Charge

Police officials have reported that Daish James was stopped and searched on the 20th April on a road in Cotton Ground, by officers of the Delta Squad.  During the search one Glock 22 pistol was found along with nine rounds of Hallow point live ammunition.
Formal charges for the offences of possession of firearm and possession of ammunition were laid against him.  As part of their investigations, the police have contacted the Comptroller of Customs, and are now awaiting follow up procedures by the Customs and Excise Enforcement Agency. Given that these items are not manufactured in St. Kitts and Nevis, the thought is that they must have been illegally imported into the country.
Authorities have already initiated the commencement of Ballistic Analysis on the firearm by local officials and also by international partners.
In a statement, the police indicated that they have been implementing new logistical measures to further enhance the safety and security of the Federation and these may on occasions appear not to be extremely comforting to the ordinary civic minded individual.
“Though this may be the case, the police are still urging the public to be understanding and supportive of the efforts.

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