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Nevis Needs to Advance with Technology

Following recent discussions at the office of the Premier, the NIA leader provided insight into his administration’s new thinking, “We have been having discussions about Caribbean Cable, and today we are reading from the same book and singing the same song, as we are looking to get broad-band and a total wired Nevis for the benefit of the residents.”

The meeting, held last Thursday, 15th November, 2012, Caribbean Cable Communications (CCC) President, Mr. Lee Bertman and Parry discussed issues related to the upgrade in Internet and cable services for the island of Nevis.

The Press Office of the Premier, in a release, indicated that the two gentlemen, who have known each other for over 25 years, agreed that Nevis needs to advance with technology, and Bertman said plans are in the works to making it happen, with the guidance of Premier Parry and the Nevis Reformation Party-led Nevis Island Administration.

The modern upgraded service would be very beneficial for businesspersons and young people interested in Internet services.

Bertman said he has had some differences with the Premier in the past, but those differences have all been completely resolved. “CCC is making major changes on Nevis, including multi-million dollar investments on Internet services, and we will also launch digital television soon on Nevis,” Bertman said.

“I am very pleased to be bringing to Nevis the best possible service in the Caribbean, and I am very happy to do this with the support of the Premier,” concluded Mr. Bertman.

A few years ago, the NIA attempted to forcefully acquire the CCC, but severe local public pressure and diplomat force from the US Government, eventually caused the Parry Administration to repeal the relevant legislation it has passed in the Island Assembly, to take over the private company.









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