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Nevis Needs to Pay Closer attention to Millennium Development Goals, says Communications Minister


Powell’s statement came following his address at a ceremony to mark the  4th annual commemoration of United Nations Day, at the Lyn Jeffers School’s, in late October.

In his address, the Communications Minister saw the need to educate the students, their parents and the members of staff on the MDGs identified by the UN and their specific importance to persons residing on Nevis, in particular.

While development goals one and two, aim to end hunger and poverty and achieving universal primary education respectively, Minister Powell said that Nevisians may not immediately appreciate the importance of the goals, because the prevalence of poverty and the notion of not receiving universal primary education were foreign to persons residing on Nevis.

“In Nevis, where every child goes to school, we cannot imagine that in Sub-Saharan, Africa and Southern Asia, the vast majority of children in those areas in the world are out of school,” he explained, adding that “There are about 69 million children of school age, who do not go to any form of school.”

Following the UN’s identification of the MDGs in 1990, countries pledged to work towards achieving the goals by 2015. The “ambitious 25 year plan” as Minister Powell describes it, is backed by the slogan “We can end poverty by 2015.”

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