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Nevis youths to debate Hamilton status as National Hero

In an interview with, president of the Nevis Youth Council, Dwane Hendrickson, explained that the debate, which will be held on Friday, 16th January on the sister island, and will be done amongst the younger generation of debaters in Nevis.

“It is about, should he be considered a national hero in the Federation of St Christopher and Nevis. What we want to do is, we want the youths to have a voice and let them hear what we as young people have to say on this issue in a debate forum.”

The youth body president stressed that because there is not much exposure for youths on the island of Nevis, such an activity would give them a great push in the area of public speaking.

“We chose a debate because in Nevis there are limited debates being done unless it is the Leeward Islands Debating Competition. So we came up with an idea of why not host a debate,” said Hendrickson.

Further, he opined that the topic of ‘Alexander Hamilton for National Hero of St. Kitts and Nevis’ is a “controversial” one, in that, there are persons who are of the opinion that he should not become a national hero while others are in support.   

Hendrickson, noted that the debate in not to get an end result, but it is to raise awareness.

“What will have to happen after the debate is the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society puts matters in the motion to get him to national hero status. There is a process to make someone a national hero and the NHCS is the one who will have to take the step forward,” Hendrickson explained.

Meanwhile, Evelyn Henville, the executive director at the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society, told this media-house that the recognition of Hamilton is “long overdue”.

She was happy that the younger generation is taking up the mantle and recognising his contribution.

“They are the ones who have to carry on tomorrow, and when you have a figure like this, with such a past and legacy that our children can model themselves and emulate, that is what we want our children involved in. We want to see them being involved in debates like these in giving the pros and the cons,” send Henville.

She explained that each founder of the United States constitution has his birth place identified as a national park, and as such, she wants the United States to have something done for him in St. Kitts and Nevis.

She emphasised that “his birth place should be made a national park”.

The executive director stated that the Nevisian should have been recognized with the hero status earlier.

“His contribution is no longer US based. His contribution is worldwide. The financial system that he created for the US is copied by the rest of the world. The democracy that he instilled into the constitution of the US is being copied by the rest of the world,” she opined.

Henville stressed that there are more persons in the public’s domain who should be recognized as national heroes. “We need to move away from the concept of only politicians being our national heroes,” said the NHCS executive director.



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