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Nevisians Being Encouraged to Support Tourism Week Celebrations

“We are aware that treasure is something that is very valuable and tourism, for us, is an extremely valuable asset,” said Chairman of Tourism Week 2011 Mr. Carl Williams. 

Mr. Williams who also serves as Assistant Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism explained that the planned activities are expected to commence on Friday 4th February and spread across a nine-day period. 

In explaining the objectives of this year’s observance, Chairman Williams said while there is need to “safeguard Nevis’ treasure,” it is important for his ministry to “sensitise the public about things that are happening at the Ministry of Tourism, so that they can assist in ensuring that tourism is very high profile in the island’s economy and scheme of things.” 

Tourism Week 2011, he said, is expected, among other things, “to heighten an understanding of the importance and role [of tourism] in the local economy and demonstrate the scope and range of tourism-related activities on Nevis.”  

“Tourism Week 2011 is geared towards increasing the attractiveness of the island as a destination as well as getting greater involvement in the development of the industry and promote the role of the Ministry of Tourism in the overall development of our tourism product,” he said. 

When asked what tourism looked like for Nevis in 2011, Mr. Williams responded, “the industry is in good shape for this season” adding that several hotels have had some very good ratings and while “some hotels are filled to capacity in terms of rooms, others are doing quite well in terms of restaurant business.”

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