New After School program for children & Senior Citizens

Officials in the Department of Social Services and Community Development have jointly developed the project with financing from the Australian Government and with the collaboration of the St. Paul’s and Cayon Primary Schools.

They have also joined forces with the Golden Years Clubs of St. Paul’s and Cayon to implement what they are calling an Inter-Generational Project.

A release from the Department explained that the aim of the project is to provide a safe after-school environment for students of the St. Pauls and Cayon Primary Schools, where students will gather to interact and learn from senior citizens in their respective communities, in an effort to promote independence amongst children.

It is also expected that the project provide a safe and secure after-school meeting space for children, between the ages of 8 – 12, to learn skills set necessary for independent living.

They are additionally hoping that by providing an opportunity for senior citizens to impart these skills to the children, this project will provide active ageing activities for seniors to be engaged in.

At the St. Paul’s Primary School, that phase of the project commenced on Monday 03rd June 2013. Teacher contact Ms. Averil Gumbs stated that she is excited about the program and especially the children. The children have been expressing their excitement as they have been extending the training period which was originally set for 4:30 – 5:30 to 6:30 pm, said the release.


It added that at the Cayon Primary School, that phase of the project commenced on Thursday June 13th 2013. The principal of the Cayon Primary School, Ms. Marva Buchanan stated that she thinks it is a really good program since there has been the absence of an afterschool program at the school.


It was outlined that this program focuses more on socialization and the use of creativity, as opposed to academics.

Participants are already working on a number of products that will be created for the display during the independence celebrations. The sessions are set to run from 3:30 – 4:30 pm at the Cayon Primary School.


The project is expected to run for a six months period.

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