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New Community Group in Molineaux Focused on Enhancing the Community

To date the community group has taken up a number of projects in the Molineux community such as cleaning of the Molineaux Primary School grounds, cleaning of the Molineaux Health Centre grounds, cleaned other areas around the village, and replaced toilets at Mary Charles Hospital.grpphoto

“The members of the Molineaux Community Group have worked laboriously to accomplish all that they have in the two short months since inception,” a group member said.

“We have made a conscientious decision to pay monthly dues, raise funds and meet once per month, (first Thursdays in every month) to set out plans for the month,” they added.

Fellow villagers who wish to participate are invited to attend the regularly scheduled meetings. The group said they are proud to say that their decision making processes are fair, transparent and interactive.

bourryeaugate2The Molineaux Community Group has thanked all who have sponsored their initiatives and welcomed partnerships with governmental and non-governmental institutions that are community minded and forward thinking.

The group was founded in August 2011.






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