New Generators Ready For Installation


The two new generating sets were mounted on the platform next to others that arrived here in August and are expected to be commissioned by the end of this month.

Reports from the office or the Prime Minister states that the first two generators that arrived in August were purchased at a cost of US$10,828,000 and the two bought over a week ago were at a cost of US$11,031,000.

In preparation for the commissioning, the engines and alternators and the radiators have already been installed, the building enclosures have been constructed, the tank farm has already been built and the change over modules, booster modules and ring main for the fuel have already been assembled. The compressors, the MCC (Motor Control Centre) panels and the generator control panels have also been installed.

Engineers are on site to commission all the electrical components, the Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) and diesel modules and centrifuges. The MAN commissioning Engineer responsible for the commissioning of the two engines that arrived in August is also on site.

The two generators that arrived over a week ago are expected to be commissioned by February next year.

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