New Government radio show stars PM Harris

The call-in show was hosted by Lesroy Williams, the director of the St. Kitts and Nevis Information Service (SKNIS), and took the form of an open interview before calls were allowed into the program. For the first show, it attracted both local as well as overseas callers.

Prime Minister Harris was the featured guest who spoke on several matters and issues including those related to good governance and the troublesome Land for Debt Swap. They were two issues that played prominently on Team Unity’s political agenda leading up to the February 2015 general elections, which they won.

Since then some members of the public have been urging the now eight-month-old administration to enact the appropriate legislation sooner rather than later.

Prime Minister Harris said the members of Cabinet were “very much committed to the ‘The good governance agenda’, which we are committed does in fact include passage of the ‘Integrity in Public Life’ legislation. We are committed to that and we will do that. It does include reference to Term Limits for the holder of the Office of the Prime Minister, and it does, in fact, include Freedom of Information.”

Harris said the government had already taken the first step in that matter by putting Freedom of Information legislation before the parliament and had made it available for public scrutiny and input.

According to the prime minister, between now and next year, all the legislation categorized under the Good Governance Agenda will be introduced in an organized manner.

On the issue of the Land for Debt Swap`in which 1,200 acres of land was turned over to the National Bank, Harris said the Government was looking at its options. He said, “We have had discussions with a number of people who could provide sound advice about the pros and cons and about the alternatives available to this Government.”

The prime minister noted that because the debt concerned the St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank, which is the largest indigenous bank in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union, he said whatever is done must be done thoughtfully and that “Proper consideration is given to the broad ramifications for the bank, St. Kitts and Nevis and for the people.

He elaborated, “Citizens can rest assured that this Government will take what action [needs] to be considered at the end of the consultations.”

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