New Governor General promises nation a commitment to service

Governor-General Seaton is a lawyer by profession and has served the country in several important capacities. In a career that spanned several decades, Seaton served as acting registrar for the High Court, as a magistrate, as attorney general of St. Kitts and Nevis and as the Queen’s Counsel. Between 1995 and May 2015, he was partner and co-owner of the law firm Seaton & Foreman.

Seaton heavily underscored his brief address with expressions of thanks and appreciation to the many persons who helped him in his life and in his career.

He expressed gratitude to his parents, whom he said “imbued me with a desire to render national service”. He paid tribute to his teachers whom he said provided the “bedrock for my life-long quest for knowledge and learning”. He also recorded appreciation to the late “Rt. Excellent Sir Robert Bradshaw, who as premier, and to Doctor the Rt. Hon. Sir Kennedy Simmonds, who as premier and prime minister afforded me the opportunity to serve in the Public Service as crown counsel, in Cabinet as attorney general, a career from 1975 to 1995”. He also paid tribute to his family that provided support in his life.

Seaton concluded, “As my appointment as governor-general is formally recognized, I thank all of my fellow citizens for the overwhelming acceptance of my appointment. I am truly humbled by your support. I pledge to continue to undertake my duties with a renewed commitment to service and to do right to all.”

PM-Harris-PODPrime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris described the governor-general as a “statesman” and someone committed to service.

“Our newly appointed governor-general is at heart a statesman, a business development advocate, a heritage conservationist and a keen promoter of education, as a poverty reduction strategy,” said Prime Minister Harris, who continued, “History will eventually record that it was his vision and his keen sense of corporate responsibility, as chairman of Cable & Wireless that is today responsible for the company’s consistent sponsorship of the Annual Academic Excellence Recognition Awards Program over the last 26 years.”

The prime minister believes that many of the nation’s young people need exemplary role models such as His Excellency Tapley Seaton. He said the governor-general is “an individual whose life has been about rendering yeoman service at every occasion to this country he loves and he calls home”.

Referring to the qualities of leadership, Harris said citizens “deserve selfless, respectful, decent and honest leadership, which can stand up to scrutiny at any moment”.

Prime Minister Harris said Mr. Seaton brings to the Office of the Governor General “the best of intentions, the highest ideals and a history of national service and statesmanship that his high office demands. Our Government has every confidence in his ability to lead, to counsel and to execute the decisions of our head of state Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II”.

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