New Loyalty Platinum MasterCard launched by The Cable

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Basseterre, Thursday, 26th November, 2020, (MyVue The Cable Company on Thursday, 26th November, 2020, launched its latest corporate product that could very well transform the way in which people across St. Kitts & Nevis pay for their goods and services, without the need to use cash or checks.

The new product, is a Loyalty Platinum MasterCard, that is being introduced in collaboration with the St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank, which is the largest indigenous commercial bank in the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, (OECS).

While unveiling the card at a special media launch at the conference room of the Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions, in Fortlands, the Chief Executive Officer, (CEO), of The Cable, Patricia Walters, told the media and invited guests that this new payment card can be used anywhere in the world where MasterCard is currently being accepted.

“This card allows our customers to go global. The card is one way of rewarding loyalty, without restrictions”, said Walters, who added that it would be good for parents who want to transfer money to their children living or attending university overseas.

What makes this different from a Debit Card or Credit Card, however, is that it is no way tied to a bank account, nor does it require a customer to have a bank account.

It will operate in similar fashion to a prepaid card, where customers are allowed to deposit a minimum of EC$20 and up to a maximum of EC$10,000, to cover their  regular household bills, shop online, or other personal expenses, whether at home in St. Kitts & Nevis, or while engaged in overseas travel.

One of the driving influences behind the need to introduce the card, intimated the CEO, has to do with giving back to their loyal customers, and helping them, no matter their economic standing, to have access to a cashless option, without the hassles involved in applying for and securing a credit card from a financial institution.

CEO Walters indicated that all current residential customers of The Cable, who are in good standing, will be given their first pre-approved Platinum Loyalty card, on a complimentary basis, (free).

One unique feature of the card is that it allows one holder, to transfer funds to another card holder, including persons overseas, provided that they too also have a Platinum Loyalty card, and while using their online account.

The card can be ‘loaded’ with funds, either at The Cable company or via the personal bank account of customers, where a transfer can be requested.

“This is a Prepaid Card, therefore, there is no interest rate associated with the card. The money on the card is yours,” said The Cable official.

And in addition, there are no annual or monthly fees, including when making withdrawals from National Bank ATMs, though an access fee will be applicable for all other ATMs that accept MasterCard.

Walters said that this has been a long journey of about 18 months, for which they owe a debt of gratitude, especially to the Government, and in particular the Ministry of Communications, the partnering bank, (National), and the Board of Directors of The Cable.

“We had a dream, The Cable had a dream…and we still have this dream that we could actively support our nation in the journey of digital transformation,” revealed Walters.

This launch today, said the CEO, is another step on that journey. “when we coined the mantra, ‘More Where it Matters’, a few years ago, no one probably thought that a part of that more would have included a loyalty card for our customers. So yes, today we are launching a loyalty card. So a Platinum Loyalty is a Platinum Loyalty card. And we are here to do that today, for all of our residential customers.”

This card, intimated Walters, is one for all loyal customers. “Loyalty (for us) is all those customers that continue to stay with us through thick and thin…”

In what was a clear message its customers, The Cable said to them, “You deserve Platinum.”

Section of the audience seated at the launch of the Loyalty Platinum MasterCard (Photo Courtesy: MyVue

(L-R) Laverne Caines- Master of Ceremony, Othniel Hyliger- Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Cable, Patricia Walters- Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Cable, Vincent Byron Jr.- Attorney General, Donald Thompson- Chief Executive Officer of St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank and Cheryleann Pemberton- Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Telecommunications (Photo Courtesy: MyVue
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Cable as she addresses the audience (Photo Courtesy: MyVue

Main Photo: (L-R) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Cable, Patricia Walters and The Cable New Loyalty Platinum Master Card.

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