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New Measures being Introduced by Customs for Vehicle Searches

A release from the department has revealed that the Customs will on Monday 26th March, 2012, commission its Vehicle Examination Station which is located at the Customs Headquarters, Bird Rock.

All vehicles deemed necessary to undergo a more thorough search, upon importation, would be given a more thorough inspection at this examination station.

Deputy Comptroller of Customs, Mr. Georid Belle said that “this facility will more greatly improve the enforcement capabilities of the department as we enforce compliance laws at our borders.”

Deputy Comptroller Belle went on further to explain that the facility will further improve his department’s ability for ferret out and stop what is believed to be one of the means through which illicit drugs, guns and other contraband are smuggled into the federation.

The station will be declared opened during the Closing Ceremony of the 8th Annual Caribbean Customs Law Enforcement Council’s (CCLEC) Junior Officer Basic Training Course.

According to officials there, the Examination Station will be toured and declared open by Prime Minister, Dr. Denzil Douglas in the company of the Comptroller of Customs Mr. Rodney Harris, Deputy Comptroller of Customs, Mr. Georid Belle, other senior Customs and Ministry of Finance officials and other government officials.



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