New school year begins

They will be joining those from the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College who began their new year last week and are this week operating under a new College president who officially took up the role from Sunday 1st September, following a special ceremony held on the grounds of the college.

For some students at the high school level, including those at the Basseterre High School, they will be returning to renovated facilities, given the large scale improvements that had to be done to enhance the facilities at the science labs and also the classrooms on the western campus.

It will however be a bitter-sweet new year for the Slack Pre-school which sadly is entering its final year as one of the country’s finest early childhood institutions of learning. understands that the founder and principal of the school has decided to retire after over 30 years of sterling contribution to the field of education and helping to mold the young minds of the country.

During the next few weeks the students, at all levels of the spectrum, will be engaged in activities related to the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Independence, for St. Kitts and Nevis.

Given the improved performance of the students in this year’s overseas examinations, at the high school and CFBC levels, education officials are again hoping for yet another successful academic year.

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