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New Water Pipes for Keys & New Project to Assess Climate Change on Water Resources

This has been confirmed by the Manager/Engineer at the Water Services Department, Mr. Cromwell Williams who said the project, which is collaboration between the Federal Government of St. Kitts and Nevis, the OECS and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has a number of components.

Williams said, “The main components of the project are the collection and assessment of baseline data to inform the development of a Water Conservation Policy, build capacity and train a cadre of approximately 25 Water Auditors, conduct about 12 pilot water audits targeting households, hotels, public institutions and agricultural users and develop and implement a public awareness campaigns on water conservation.”

The project will run from February to October 2013.  

Mr. Williams explained that it is a regional initiative that would complement ongoing efforts of the Water Services Department in sensitizing the public of the urgent need to conserve water.

Outside of that initiative, the Water Department has also been undertaking a new project in the Keys village area of St. Kitts to replace the 23-year-old four-inch PVC pipeline in Keys Village, said a Government release.

Mr. Williams said the four-inch pipes laid around 1990 are being replaced with a larger 6-inch Ductile Iron Pipe. He added that this replacement has become necessary due to the frequent breaks that develop on this line. The project is estimated to cost is EC$40,000.

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