NGO Letter Supported by PAM Leader

Leader of the opposition People’s Action Movement, (PAM) and Member of Parliament, Hon. Shawn Richards, said on Monday (11th March) that he welcomes the joint letter from the St. Kitts & Nevis Chamber of Industry & Commerce, the Evangelical Association, Christian Council and the Hotel & Tourism Association.

Richards disclosed that his party is also in the process of writing to similar international bodies to apprise them of the undemocratic and unconstitutional tendencies of the Labour Government and Dr. Douglas and to also invite their intervention to help sensitize the administration about the need to act more responsibly to the demands of such a motion.

Dr. Denzil Douglas’ Administration has become the world’s most oppressive and vindictive regime of current times. It is clear from the Prime Minister’s refusal to allow the motion of no confidence, that he is already the Western Hemisphere’s most notorious “Democratic Dictator”, said Hon. Richards.

He added that the urgency and seriousness to resolve the impasse of the current political crisis in St. Kitts is obvious, given that these same civic organizations, only a few weeks ago, thought the matter of the motion of no confidence was so important, that they each, individually, wrote to the Prime Minister and also the Speaker of our National Assembly, Hon. Curtis Martin, urging them to do all in their power, to bring the motion to parliament, but to date, they have both refused to take any action. Now, the NGOs have gone one step further, and have jointly written to the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, expressing concerns about the deliberate tactics to avoid hearing the motion in the Assembly.

These efforts by our NGOs must be highly applauded and we in the People’s Action Movement are fully supportive of the role they are playing to help preserve our democratic and constitutional principles, just as they have always done, including when our party, PAM formed the government from 1980-1995.

This strong action by the NGOs clearly tells us that everyone in this country, every organization and all well-meaning citizens are desirous of having the motion of no confidence speedily settled in the parliament, because for too long now the country has been unstable and the political crisis is continuing to hurt our economy and negatively impact our once respected image as a free and democratic developing nation.

What cannot be escaped, not even from the minds of the most partisan supporter of the government, is that there is a strong united coalition of non-political groups that are worried and admonishing the government to do the right thing. If the top bodies of the Christian community, private business sector and those leaders of our major economic sector, (tourism), are seeing the wisdom to advise the government and the Speaker to take action, how can anyone else support the stubborn refusals of Prime Minister Douglas and Speaker Martin?

The People’s Action Movement is therefore again calling on the Prime Minister and the Speaker, to do the right thing and bring the motion of no confidence, which was filed since the first week of December last year. It is time to restore confidence in this land of ours, stated Hon Shawn Richards.


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