Nicki Minaj Address Critics Of Her Racy “Anaconda” Artwork

The artwork shows Nicki Minaj bending down wearing a thong, sport bra and Jordan sneakers.

The reactions online have been mixed but a lot of folks are saying the image is too racy and could undermine her image.

“The question is whether this is a step too far, even for an artist who has always openly courted controversy,” an editor for The Guardian wrote. “Minaj doesn’t shy from ruffling her audience’s feathers. But does it undermine her image as a powerful, independently minded artist to splay her almost-bare butt cheeks in a promotional image? Or is the joke on the voyeurs who only ogle at her voluptuous body and miss the message of her lyrics?

In her response Nicki Minaj posted a series of photos on Instagram of famous women including supermodels posing is tiny bikinis and showing off their bodies.

She captioned them as acceptable and then posted her artwork for “Anaconda” again andcaption as unacceptable.

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