Nicki Minaj Launches ‘Minajesty: Exotic Edition’ Perfume on HSN, Usher Calls In

Back in 2012, she released the award-winning Pink Friday fragrance, and now she’s reupped and added yet another fragrance to her collection — Minajesty: Exotic Edition.

Last Thursday, the coin-collecting rapper appeared on HSN to launch the HSN-exclusive perfume that she describes as “fun, euphoric, and playful.” The debut went so well that she had to return again because they sold out of all 9,000 bottles. All in all, the “Pills N’ Potion” rapper sold nearly 25, 000 bottles. FYI: They were running for $59.50. Cha-ching!

Here’s what she had to say about the scent, which top notes include bergamot, orange squeeze, and mango:

That’s the [fresh and fruity] vibe that I wanted for it because I am from an island. I’m from Trinidad, so my favorite fruit is mango, so mango is something that’s reminiscent of happy times for me so I wanted to put mango in this one.

In case you are wondering what inspired the bottle’s design, Nicki revealed:

I did a video awhile back, called ‘Turn Me On’ and we started designing the bottle based on that. I was kind of looking like a robot.

Shoppers who bought a bottle of the exclusive perfume also received a special treat. Their order included a sample of her upcoming perfume named, “Onika.”

Fans can expect for that one to be in stores in September.

Sidebar: Usher calls in to show his support for Nicki Minaj around the 34:40 mark (of the second video). Why is that man’s phone voice so damn sexy? LAWWWWDDDD!!!

The two revealed that they are about to film a video for their newest collab, “She Came To Give It To You,” very soon.

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