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Nigerian students want security after threat on radio

Speaking with, the president of the Christian Student Fellowship, Chris Ntewo, said that Nigerian students who are new to the island are fearful for their security, as they traverse the island, while those who have been studying for a long period have grown accustomed to the threats.

“It wasn’t really touching too many people (Nigerian students) but to some, especially the new students that are on the island, definitely they will be scared. They would ask, is this why I travelled all the way down from Nigeria to be threatened? For the new students, the threat weighed on them, and they would call home,” said Ntewo.

He said further that some of the students were urged by their parents to stay in their homes and were reminded that their purpose on the island is not to vote but rather to study.

“But for the people who have been here for a while, they know that it is just a threat,” the student president remarked dismissively.

He lamented, however, that it is not something that should be aired on any radio station, and he believes that no threatening language should ever be aired.

“St. Kitts, as small as it seems, you see anybody any place. You can see Nigerians anywhere on the road, on the streets, in the shops, in their homes, in the malls or anywhere, so it’s like you walking, and you think – are you really safe,” Ntewo opined.   

He believes that it just might be a harmless situation, but he would prefer to have greater security for himself and fellow students.

“The level of security for Nigerian students should be more than what it is, because, so many things have happened. We have held meetings with government, and among ourselves. We have held meetings with our schools. We have even held meetings with Nigerians living and working on the island about this particular situation, and they keep telling us that we are secured, but every now and then, it keeps happening,” Ntewo explained.    

He stated that Nigerians and citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis are one, and “they should not be discriminated against”.


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