No Cabinet Reshuffle in May says Trinidad PM

The Trinidad Express reported that the prime minister responded to rumours of a reshuffle, and also made it quite clear that Theresa Baptiste-Cornelius will continue to be minister of health despite calls from members of the Medical Association for her to be removed.

It was also reported that Persad Bissessar had assured doctors that Baptiste-Cornelius would be transferred to another ministry, but this has not materialised.

Political analyst Derek Ramsamooj said that a reshuffle is not a bad idea and pointed out that it is important that the prime minister gets the cabinet correct — right people for ministries, since it is a challenge in the light of the increase in crime, the serious economic situation, and general administration of the government.

Ramsamooj said that, after a year, the prime minister would be in a better position to see who fits in where.

It is also important for cabinet members to work closely with members of government boards, and corporations, he said.

(This article was written with content incorporated from a Caribbeannewsnow release)

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