No comeback for former Cayman Islands premier

  Although Bush, who is currently facing 11 criminal charges of theft and   fraud, retained his seat in the Legislative Assembly, voters also upset the   status quo in his election district of West Bay, returning three members of   Bush’s United Democratic Party (UDP) instead of the four elected   representatives it has come to depend on for many years.
  When the final count was released early Thursday morning, the People’s   Progressive Movement (PPM) had won nine out of the 18 elected seats in the   Assembly, one short of an absolute majority.
  Although some deal-making with independent members will be necessary during   the next few days, it seemed likely on Thursday that PPM leader Alden   McLaughlin would become the territory’s next premier.
  The political status quo in the Cayman Islands was shaken up at the end of   last year with the arrest of then premier Bush on suspicion of fraud and   corruption. He has since been formally charged with two counts of misconduct   in public office, four counts of breach of trust by a member of the   Legislative Assembly, and five counts of theft.
  One week after his arrest on December 11, 2012, Bush was ousted from office   when Cayman Islands lawmakers passed a vote of no confidence in him, which   led to a split of the UDP and a subsequent minority government in the   territory.
  Just one member of the breakaway faction of the UDP that voted against Bush   in the vote of no-confidence, former premier in the minority government   following Bush’s ouster, Juliana O’Connor Connolly, was able to retain her   seat in Wednesday’s election.




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