No reconciliation possible unless jobs are returned says former premier

It does not seem that success will be achieved any time soon though, if the public is to be guided by the forecast provided by the former Deputy Premier, Hensley Daniel. Daniel was one of the four opposition delegates, from the Nevis Reformation Party, NRP, who met with the religious group.  

It was Daniel’s contention that there is too much ill feeling and because of the many people whom he said have been “treated badly by this CCM government, reconciliation by Nevisians towards the CCM led Administration will not be easy.”


The former Deputy Premier repeated that “Reconciliation would be very difficult at this time, unless the CCM give these people back their jobs or some other beneficial accommodations are made quickly.”


Daniel’s views are shared by his colleague and party leader, Joseph Parry, who accused the CCM of having a history of treating people unfairly.


The former Premier, was very critical of the CCM, and he traced what he said was the history of the political problems in Nevis under the present (CCM), and during a previous CCM Administration.

In the party release Parry indicated that “it was important to note that the problems of politics and tribalism did not start in Nevis yesterday.” He charged that the CCM fired people during the 90’s including, Hastings Daniel, the brother of Hensley Daniel, Dorette Daniel and Christine Springette.

Despite the hurt and personal feelings expressed by the NRP delegation, the party officials did however commit to continue the dialogue which they admitted is important.

They said they will continue, on an ongoing basis, to meet with the Nevis Christian Council and the Evangelical Association, in a bid for reconciliation across the island.

The meeting was held under the invitation of the Nevis Christian Council (NCC) and the Nevis Evangelical Association (NEA) to discuss reconciliation among residents of Nevis. The meeting took place at the Methodist Manse in Charlestown on Wednesday, 12th February, 2014.

The discussions were held under the Chairmanship of Father Alric Francis of the Christian Council, affirming that “the island of Nevis needs reconciliation.” He claimed that politics is at an extreme high and it is harming the island. He said that the people are being separated because of politics.

Similar discussions with the ruling CCM have also been ongoing.


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