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No Rest for the Weary; Jouvert Morning Lands in Basseterre

A mishmash of sounds thundered through the streets from early morning. The drums and rhythms from the various hi-Fis and bands and their off sync combination almost had a hypnotic effect on the mind.

It was as though a zombie like phenomenon had come over the ‘mob’ of revellers; but violence and unrest were not on their alcohol infused minds.  The eyes of the revelllers may have been garnet red but this was not out of rage. As they reached their musical climax, an outpouring of joy and excitement flowed like a tsunami through the streets with no sign of diminishing.

Those who appeared to be running out of steam were only jolted back into action by the pulsating sounds of calypso, with many regaining their composure with a quick sip of drink while others rested their cups aside and began the recouping process with an early morning street breakfast that looked more like a late supper.

Many visitors appeared to be in a sense of bewilderment, but they all eventually came to terms with the rituals of the J’ouvert morning madness. 

As the sun revealed itself on this new day and Jouvert morning entered its final hour; the celebratory spirit however was not diminished.   Though more and more people began to move in a lethargic manner, the party continued on.  

St Kitts/Nevis takes its carnival quite seriously and as past carnivals have shown, the best is yet to come, said one mas player.

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