No Serious Injury in Traffic Accident in Boyd’s

Speaking with the drivers in question, was told that no serious reports of injury were noted by any of the occupants of the vehicles caught up in the accident.

Driver of passenger bus “Bashment” H8338, Ken Huggins, of Sandy Point, said that he was at the time transporting three passengers, heading into Basseterre, and though he questioned the occupants after the crash, they indicated to him that they were fine and opted not to seek medical attention. Huggins himself said that he however, suffered only slight injury, with some minor cuts and bruises, in the upper body, mainly his arms.driver

The other vehicle involved was a red pick-up, driven by Fredrick Robinson of West Farm, who said that he too was travelling in the direction of Basseterre, and just about when he came around the corner from the turn that normally takes one into the road that leads to Nirvana Restaurant, (or where the former Fairview Inn Hotel was located), he was hailed by a friend, seeking a ride. Robinson said he therefore stopped to pick up the friend and that is when the collision took place.

Bus driver, Huggins said he was travelling behind Robinson when he stopped, and had very little opportunity to avoid the collision. He said he tried to steer away from the path of danger but still managed to clip the right side of the pick-up, smashing the rear brake lights and thereafter he found the bus skidding off the road, onto the grass and further to the right of the road, (on the seaside), eventually making dangerous contact with a light pole, breaking it into half, and causing extensive damage to the right front end of the bus.

Workers from the Electricity Department were on hand, disconnecting the cables from the pole to avoid any possible problems with the power supply.

Robinson meantime said it all happened when he was almost home, (West Farm), but he is thankful that he sustained no injury and only slight damage to the vehicle.

The investigations by the police are continuing. It was only a couple days before that another accident happened in the general vicinity, this time in nearby Palmetto Points, involving three buses.accident1

The police continue to urge drivers and all road users to exercise greater caution on the public roads, especially as we enter the busy Christmas and Carnival Season.

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