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NO Witness NO Justice: British High Commission launches project to encourage witness participation

To promote these objectives, a short film and school engagement pack has been produced that asks people whether they feel comfortable reporting crime and giving evidence in court, and attempts to demystify the judicial process.

When asked, some people explained that times were hard and questioned whether they should put themselves and their family at risk by volunteering to give evidence.  An important part of the project was to analyse why people were unwilling to give evidence and then communicate this message to those that can change the criminal justice system. The project discovered that there are existing protections to those who may be afraid of giving evidence, for example in Saint Lucia, through use of a video-link so that witnesses can give evidence without being physically present in court.

The No Witness No Justice Film will be launched as part of the University of the West Indies Law Week on Monday 27 February at Cave Hill Campus Barbados.  An online version of the film can be viewed on the British High Commission website at

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