Not Just Pilots, Other LIAT Staff Face Three More Months Without Work

By Antigua News Room,

The majority of LIAT staff have been told that they will be laid off for another three months.

When Antigua Newsroom broke the story over the weekend it focused on pilots but since then other staff members have reported being notified by their unions of LIAT’s decision.

LIAT indicated last month that it would suspend passenger services until the end of June but the letter from management to unions has cast serious doubt over its resumption date.

LIAT said while they have been engaged in adhoc charter and cargo activities, this is insufficient to cover the company’s cost.

It said in a letter seen by our newsroom that operations are dependent on the receipt of funds from the major shareholders to meet ongoing costs, and these funds continue to be delayed.

The company said, given the current circumstances, it was therefore forced to extend the temporary lay-off period for another three months and during this time employees will continue to receive their medical insurance coverage and staff travel privileges.

File photo: LIAT airplane

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