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NRP brings Relief to Nevisian Civil Servants

Receiving majority of the popular votes in the 2011 local election, NRP was returned to office with majority of representatives in the Nevis Island Assembly. NRP was first elected into office in July 2006. The governing NRP won three of the five seats on Nevis while the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) of the Mr Vance Amory retained its two seats.

Leading up to the recent local election, several persons said they had seen a list of persons to be dismissed being circulated after public meetings of the Opposition Party. “While it was part of the CCM’s election campaign manifesto to reduce the size of Government, I found it appalling that they would be a part of circulating lists of people to be dismissed. Indeed, I have heard recordings of CCM’s meetings where Mark Brantley referred to Civil Servants of my Administration to be ‘eating from the trough’ as though they were pigs. That was unbecoming of a Federal Member of the National Assembly who serves as the Leader of the Opposition.”

“Unfortunately, the leader of the CCM, the Mr Vance Amory has been known for victimization, as in 1997 a pregnant civil servant named Ms Dorette Daniel who was a known NRP supporter was sent home. Other civil servants sent home under the former CCM administration included Mrs Christine Springette,  Wendell Huggins and others,” disclosed Mr Joseph Parry. Mr Parry has defended his decision not to downsize his Government especially during the financial crisis that hit Nevis since 2008.



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