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NRP Has Made Nevis a Footstool for Labour-Says CCM

As such, it is the view of the CCM that it must be the people of Nevis themselves, and not the outside interference of any other political element, such as the Labour Party on St. Kitts, that should decide who is given the opportunity to administer the affairs of the island.

According to the CCM, the ruling NRP of Joseph Parry, has allowed itself to become a footstool for the Labour Party of Denzil Douglas, Prime Minister in the Federal Cabinet.CCM has advocated that “People Matter More” is not just a slogan for an election campaign. The party says that its slogan forms the basis of its style of governance, where the end game is always the betterment of the lives and livelihood of all who call Nevis home.

According to the CCM, the NRP has committed the “Most horrendous betrayal of surrendering Nevis to the dictates of the Labour Party on St. Kitts, and stripping us (Nevisians), of our sense of independence and pride.”

The NRP says that it is therefore on a mission during this election, to rescue Nevis, making the claim that both NRP and Labour have corrupted the electoral system.


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