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NRP Opens New Campaign Headquarters

Already the signs have been clearly posted by the ruling NRP, which has also made it clear, through the voice of Premier Joseph parry, that the poll is sooner, rather than later.

As the Parties continue their hustling for the vote and support of the Nevisian electorate, NRP has been using incumbency to its fullest advantage and this weekend, the Party moved into higher gear, when it launched its new Campaign Headquarters.

The new facilities are being housed in the downtown Charlestown location of Eulalie Williams Building.

Premier Parry was joined by his Party supporters, candidates and other officials as they seek to plant the seeds for another five year term in office.

In addition to a tour of the premises, invited guests were expected to be entertained by a long list of local performers. The Party was also scheduled to launch the latest edition of its quarterly publication titled, Action.

Before the festivities commenced however, the Premier took the honours in cutting the ribbon to declare the headquarters officially opened.

“I am extremely pleased with the location of the new party headquarters in the center of Charlestown and as the NRP has always maintained that we are the party of the people, we want to be close and accessible to all of the people of Nevis,” the Premier commented.

Elections are expected by observers to be called in a matter of weeks, rather than months.

NRP which regained power in 2006, previously administered the 36 square mile paradise from 1980-1992, when they were defeated by the CCM, which went on to serve until they were defeated five years ago, come this July.

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