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Obama Gave Black Children Belief- said Farrakhan

Farrakhan said, “Once we saw Barak Obama, we realised that we could rule a powerful nation. Black minds can never be put back in the box anymore and for that we thank God, and for that we thank Barak Obama. However, I’ve come to see that he was selected before he was elected and whenever black people are running the affairs, white people look carefully at you.”

Farrakhan explained, “This young man is a constitutional lawyer not an economist and he comes into power at a time when America and the world is suffering a great economic turn down  and hatred is building in America for Barak Obama, because of his failures to correct the economy.”

When it comes to Obama’s Muslim connections, Mr. Farrakhan stated, “Barak grew up in Indonesia; the largest Muslim country in the world. Though he is a Christian he understood Islam better than any American president and the entire world had hope in him. They hoped that he would change America’s foreign policy but unfortunately he has become an extension of George W Bush and the man that won the peace prize, is engaged in war in five different Muslim countries.”

Mr. Farrakhan also believes that Obama will be re-elected, but he also explained that if he is not elected, it is because the hatred for him has grown greatly.

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