Odisi Band wins Nevis’ Road March

The curtains all came down on Tuesday evening with the parade of troupes and bands and the Last Lap jam session with hundreds following the lead of their favourite bands.

In recent years, the competition for Road March has become a much heated one with the local musical groups vying for the bragging rights of champions, if only for a year.

This year it was the Odisi Band that took the honours, defeating all other comers with their popular hit song, Give Me Space.

Signs of possible victory for the Odisi were already emerging on Monday during the J’ouvert Morning jam session, with many suggesting that this was the time for Odisi, though others were placing their bets on the popular Kore Band and its smasher hit, “Rum Food & Wuk up”.

Despite not winning the title, it was difficult not to notice that the Kore has a large following of supporters on the island.

J’ouvert itself this year was special, drawing thousands, many who made the journey from St. Kitts, creating an atmosphere that could only be described as a kaleidoscope of colours and a melting pot of races.

Not to take away from the excitement of the various major shows including the Calypso Competition and Queen Pageants, the much looked forward to event is always J’ouvert.

One of the great attractions of the annual event is what has become the “Long Jam’ from Gingerland, making its way to Charlestown. The much larger following this year is indicative of the growing reputation of the event.

Parade Day and J’ouvert have also become opportunities for political candidates to build profiles and on Monday and Tuesday the spread of operatives who were seen in Charlestown, underscored the importance of the mass event for meeting and greeting possible voters. Amongst those taking in the celebrations at the various shows, but especially on Monday, were the island’s Premier, Vance Amory, Prime Minister, Denzil Douglas, Opposition Leader, Mark Brantley, Political Leader of the newly formed People’s Labour Party, Timothy Harris, Deputy leader of the People’s Action Movement, (PAM), Jonel Powell and his former leader, Lindsay Grant.

Security officers too did not take chances this Culturama with police officers and their K9 unit undertaking random searches of passengers heading in each direction of the two capitals.

Generally, the police have indicated that they were not presented with any major security challenges for this year’s celebrations.


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