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On death penalty, ‘We must uphold the law’ – Prime Minister

Dr. Harris who is also the National Security Minister said that the law remains on the books and whenever the court makes its decision the Government will act accordingly.  

“We all are in favour in allowing the law to speak,” Harris said while at the ‘Discussion for Prosperity’ town hall meeting in Sandy Point.

Responding to a member of the audience who posed a question about capital punishment, he said, “I have no objection to that. The Attorney General [Vincent Byron] has no objection to that. We must uphold the law.”

Uttering similar sentiments as some members of the general public, Harris however said that it was his wish that there was no need for the death penalty to be implemented. He added that society should discipline itself, in particular parents, with their off-springs, as they raise youth to be positive citizens.

The last time St. Kitts and Nevis carried out any capital punishment was in 2008, following a decision that was made on a case which involved a husband who had killed his wife in an apparent domestic dispute.

The man, Charles LaPlace, killed his wife with a knife in the Fig Tree, Sandy Point, area in 2004. He was sentenced to death two years later in 2006.

When the act was carried out, lawyers, human right activists and local politicians, including Mark Brantley, who was the then leader of the opposition, spoke out against it based on legal circumstances.

Since then, other prisoners who have been given death penalty sentences have not been executed.

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